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Prepaid Legal
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Saturday, August 14th, 2010
6:34 pm
Арбор Мунди - сеть магазинов элитной косметики
Многие считают, и вполне обоснованно, что купить косметику, а тем более дорогую и качественную, можно без боязни в солидных косметических магазинах – там вероятность нарваться на подделку на порядок ниже, чем в небольших магазинчиках. Одной из зарекомендовавших себя сетей элитной косметики является сеть магазинов косметики и парфюмерии Арбор Мунди, которая известна на российском рынке с 1992 года.

Косметика люкс в магазинах Арбор Мунди

В сети магазинов АРБОР МУНДИ представлен широкий ассортимент средств по уходу, декоративной косметики и парфюмерии от ведущих мировых брендов – всего более двухсот торговых марок. Read more...Collapse )
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
11:37 am
This is my first posting to the PPL community. I was pleasantly surprised to find this although it doesn't look like there have been any recent postings. oh well - I thought I would give it a try to see if anybody is wanting support or willing to give me some extra support. I am actually very lucky - I have been a PPl asscociate for about a year and honestly haven't really done much with it until recently. I guess you can say that I have some extra motivation, namely my 6 month old son, Alex. I really would like to stay at home and have set myself in motion to do so. I am currently an insurance agent with a small Farmers agency and I really like where I am at, but I don't get to spend near the amount of time with my family that I would like to. I think PPL is an excellent opportunity and an even better product and I have high hopes for my financial future! Woo hoo. Another great thing about PPl is that the support is overwhelming. Mark is in my up-line and this guy will meet with my people if I have to work, nurse the baby, cook dinner....whatever. What other business does this - no industry that I've worked in. Well, speaking of work, I'm at the office right now and I've got work to do. Until next time PPL community.

Current Mood: determined
Friday, May 20th, 2005
12:41 pm
New Lead Program
Don't tell Jeff Olsen, but I am starting a new lead program as of today, so I can't tell anything yet, other than that they are really cheap and Kerry Reid says they work as well as any other leads so far. So I'll let you know. There are huge amounts of them a day, so if people want to try some out, I'd be willing to share.
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
5:03 pm
So, I'm hosting on Thursday, and I'm a little nervous, even though I've heard it done almost fifty times now :) It's exciting though. Whee!

Welcome, Natasha also.
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
10:01 pm
OKC Recap and other things
Well, unfortunately I was unable to make it to OKC this year. So if you did, Samantha, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

But I did make it to the Recap in Gaithersburg, MD yesterday which was an incredible event with Wilburn Smith.

They began with James Worthy doing the business briefing, and then moved on to Wilburn Smith. He actually missed the convention as well because he was in the hospital with pneumonia. But he stressed having a guest at every weekly meeting and getting referrals.

A little bit of history: PPL began with network marketing in 1983, and this is how it was pitched to Wilburn Smith:

Do you know 5 people you can get excited about this product? Do you know 5 people that need to earn more money. Find five good people and teach them to ask those two questions.

We need a million associates to fill the need in this country, so let's do our part and get those people.

Another factoid: The company paid out $100 million last year in commissions.

Be busy.

Stress that PPL is an equal opportunity employers. Computers are objective, and just know that when you write memberships that they are supposed to pay you and promote you.

One thing that I found interesting was that neither Wilburn Smith and Dave Savula have never placed anyone. They will present for the new front-line associate three times and then leave them to teach others to do the same. Wilburn Smith makes 2.4 million a year and Dave Savula of course makes over a million, so that seems like a good deal to me.

Then we heard from Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, the Maryland Provider Law Firm. If you have any potential or actual customers in MD, here is what you should know:

They have 37 attorneys within the firm, and 18,000 square feet of office space with 8- employees. They are AV-rated and are 75 years old. They have had 400,000 new intakes since 1995, and believe in "consistence, quality, and the 4 Cs: Current, Cordial, Confident, and Correct."

They have a 92% success rate in Title II

Under Title I, in a 12 month period, they saved members 1.1 million dollars with either a letter or a phone call.

Under Title III, since February of this year, they havve saved 1.36 million in the difference between what clients were sued for and what they paid. They also saved $100,000 in attorney fees, and 85% of the cases resulted in no judgement or in favor of the client.

They have departmentalized into many departments, including bankruptcy, family, business, entertainment, and criminal departments.

One lawyer is an adjunct law professor at University of Maryland.

Another attorney used to work for insurance companies figuring out ways to not pay their claimants, and now works on our side to insure that we do indeed get paid.

One letter from family law saved a member $50,000. Another case in which the claimant was being sued was reduced form $92,000-$100,000 to $5,000 due to a single letter.

Brian Carruthers emphasized the importance of registering for Vegas (Which I have) and that critical mass is happening this year, so it's important to get moving.

In the airport coming back from OKC, a nineteen year old boy asked Brian to sign his copy of Profiles of Success. Brian asked him how long he'd been in the business, and the boy said "a month." Brian then asked if he'd bee able to take advantage of the ATM program, and he said "Oh yes, I'm an ED." Brian was impressed that he'd done it in a month and said so, and the boy said "Oh no, I made it in seventeen days." He is a full-time college student and has a part-time job as well. For me that means that there are no more excuses for why I can't do this business.

One way to overcome excuses:
"You don't have enough money? Never admit that to a stranger again, and get in this business."

Another announcement: All of the recruiting promotions are now available online.

What to do with new recruits:
Sign them up for eService RIGHT AWAY. The next hour after signing them up, get their list and start making calls. Then put them on the conference calls and sign them up online.

Then Brian trained on "width is for show, depth is for dough." Now this goes a little against never placing, but it is a good compromise just for getting the structure in place, especially to take advantage of these promotions such as the ATM.

To go ED:

Recruit six people, of which 3 will usually be producers. You need three director legs, but you want to keep the money coming in while you are building to ED, so when your three producing legs are almost to director, recruit three new associates to produce income for you. Work 50% with the existing legs and 50% with the new associates.

Find people that are better than you.

Remember the 10 Core Commitments. I think I will do my next post on those.
Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
8:02 am
Idea: Cabbies
I was talking to a cabbie about three weeks ago about Yellow Cab (The cab service in pittsburgh.) Their business arrangement is very interesting. It turns out that the cabbies do not actually work for Yellow Cab, but work with them in a way. The cabbies rent the taxis from YC for a given length of time for about $6 an hour, pay for the gas as needed and after they cross the break-even point (about $90 a day for a ten hour rental) they get to keep the rest of the money.

Now I was thinking...

I don't know if there is a union out there somewhere for cabbies to provide any sort of benefits, but I think they would be a great market for Pre-Paid.

Any ideas on how we could work this?

Current Mood: thinking...
Monday, March 14th, 2005
2:06 am
ID Theft idea
I think I just had a really good idea.

If, when we were talking to prospects, we carried with us a folder with ID Theft articles (Steph, I know your dad cuts them out for you when he sees them) to show them to give them an idea of how common it is. And if there's an interview with the ID victim we could highlight, in every article, sentences saying "I didn't think it would happen to me" or something along those lines. That way the thought that it does happen would set in.

If that sounds like a good idea I have a suggestion. I'm going to start looking through newspapers in Pittsburgh for ID Theft articles, I'm asking my dad to look in the central PA papers, and I know Steph's dad looks for them. If we could all scan the articles and e-mail them to one another so we all had a copy, we would have a very diverse file on ID Theft. It would be possible to have articles from South western PA, central PA, northern VA, and the Seattle area. Plus we could ask family members and other associates to help us out.

I think that would be a powerful tool to have, and the fact that they would look like photo copies (because they're scanned, and not just pulled off the internet) and would have a more "real" feel to them.

What do you think?

Current Mood: thoughtful
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
10:21 pm
School Flier
I was brainstorming with stephanie and louise and I was thinking a three step "attack" at PPU might be a good idea. We all decided ID Theft is the right product to sell here because not many teenagers are interested in the family plan because they think they're invincible.

As for ID Theft, the first step is to get an article published in the school newspaper highlighting identity theft, focussing mainly on GMU's recent problem with their one database being hacked and every student at GMU getting their identity stolen, which is the first step in the identity stealing process, now somebody just needs to use the information for fraud.

The second step is to post fliers around the campus. I put together a re-vamped version of something Louise sent me, and I was wondering if you all could give me your input:
PPU Flier

The third and final step would be to get a table setup to sell memberships.

Good plan?
Any improvements or suggestions?
And how about the flier?

Current Mood: artistic
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
1:17 am
Hey everyone,
I'm a new Associate, and I've had a LJ for a few years. I thought there might be a community for PPL, and hey I was right! It doesn't look like this community gets much love, though, so maybe we could make it a little busier? It seems like LJ would be a good way to network, but I'm not sure how I would approach it online, perhaps you all have some ideas :)
Two of my roommates got me into PPL recently, so we're all trying to get going on it. If you wanna chat or say hi, feel free to email or IM me (that stuff's on my userinfo page.)
That's all, hope to talk to you guys soon!
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
7:52 am
Weekly Briefings
I just wanted to reiterated the importance of attending the weekly briefings. I know for some people there just isn't a weekly meeting to go to, but when there is, it's important.

When my sister signed up as an associate, she talked about the similarities between network marketing and Weight Watchers, of which she is a lifetime member. She saw the importance of personal development in both areas, something I think is a really great part of our industry.

But last week at Thanksgiving, I saw another link. Two of my sisters are weight watchers members. Associate Sister goes to the weekly meetings and weigh-ins, and has been extremely successful in achieving her goals. Non-Associate Sister does it all on-line and never goes to the weekly meetings. She appeared to have actually put on some weight since the last time I saw her.

Now, who would you like to be? The goal-achiever or the backslider?

I've made my choice.
12:04 am
Very Exciting December Promotions

Effective December 1, 2004
Mr. Stonecipher wants 300 New ED's to attend the ED banquet in March
at the
National Convention.
Right now we have:
92,000 Senior Associates
36,000 Managers
25,000 Directors
We will continue with:
Single Parent Promotion
Pastor Promotion: With new changes made to the performance
(These changes will be posted to the company website by close of
The ATM Program starts December 1. Details posted on Company
If you are presently a Manager you can move to Director if you have
3 active
legs with a Manager in 2 legs and you personally write 5
The $149.00 program is still in effect.
New Players club called "Second Stage Players Club". Starting on
1st. If you have 5 points each month for 12 months you will qualify
$100.00 per month car bonus. Do this for another 12 months and it
will go to
$150.00 and stop there.
The present Car bonus will cap at $500.00.
There is a press release about our company on the company website:
Go to
Associates only, Press Release, Amicus Brief and you can download
the release.
2005 is the Year of the Executive Director. We have 750 now and Mr.
Stonecipher wants it to double in 2005 to 1500.

Cleve Pickens

Cleve Pickens
Senior Regional Vice President Central Florida
Millionaire Club Member
Platinum Executive Director
Phone: 407-876-0283
Email: _ClevePick@aol.com_ (mailto:ClevePick@aol.com)
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
10:15 pm
Well, this little community has been rather inactive, so I thought I'd update and maybe get things going again.

I'm working on a small business client which will hopefully come through, and I have a couple other membership leads.

I'm really finding that people, once they find out what I do, will approach me with people they know who need this. One of my current leads had our company recommended to him by a family lawyer. So, that's inspiring to know that we don't have to do all of the work ourselves.

If anyone wants to room with me in OKC, let me know ASAP, L.Y. has an extra room. Craig, this probably means you.

Tomorrow night is Antonio Adair, and I am absolutely excited. Perhaps tomorrow I shall call one of my prospects and see if he is free, wish I'd though of that sooner.

See you at the top!
Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
2:38 am

Michelle's friend Sue came to visit, and took literature back to California with her, because apparently her mother needs a membership. So it looks like a membership is going to come out of that, I spoke to the other daughter tonight.

I spoke briefly to my English teacher today about it, thinking I might pursue it at the end of the semester.

I've been following up from Michelle's PBR, and it looks like I need to get small-biz certified (which you can do on-line), because one woman's husband owns a business and he's very interested in the membership for small business, and says that he knows several other small business owners who would be very interested in something like this. He said to give him two weeks to think about it, but that's very good because that gives me time to spend three hours or so doing the on-line course at some point to get certified, and a single small biz membership will cover the cost of that course and still give me major profit, so that's really good.

So here's the plan:
Get small biz certified
Sell him the membership
Get referrals
Follow up
Go door to door with small businesses in the area on Saturdays
At the end of school year, I'm going to get group-certified. Then, I'm going to do group during the day over the summer, and then recruiting at night (like Kerry says). Of course, whether or not I continue at Starbuck's will affect that schedule.

Anyone else who is interested in getting group certified, it will require a two day trip to Richmond, and I'd love to split a hotel room with a whole bunch of people (it's a two day training, I have to find out exactly how much the training is, but Fred Duff is awesome.)

Having a plan is good. And profitable plans are even better. I checked the Atlantis scoreboard, and it would require some major catching up as most people have thousands of points and all of those who currently qualify have about 900. So let's work hard team.
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
10:14 am
Just a note:

Be very careful when filling out forms. Make sure you include social security numbers and write them out correctly, or the apps may not be processed. It's also important to monitor your geneology to make sure everything went through.

This week I checked on Legacy, and three of my associates weren't listed as having memberships, and they should have. Luckily, I spent a bit of time on the phone with marketing and got everything straightened out.

Moral of the story: Triple check everything! And if you can have another associate read it over, that would be great (Louise caught several mistakes for me).
Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
4:56 am
By the way, I made manager!

Let's see if I can make it to director by the end of the month!
4:53 am
10 Master Keys-Mike Simms
Here are the 10 Master Keys according to Mike Simms:

1) Master your upline's story and your team's stories
2) Master the art of edification
4)Master the art of promotion. Don't announce, promote
5)Master the art of saying as little as possible. Use the third party tools!
6)Master the skill of sorting. "He who gets the most nos wins"
7) Master the mindset of the new associate. Frequently we say treat it like a business, but most of us have never owned a business, so trying saying to treat it like a job, where you have to be there every day at a certain time, and so forth
8)Master the system. People will fail you but systems won't
9) Master communication. Stay plugged into the leadership. Communicate with the team
10) Master personal development.

That's about all. Remember:
If you do not grow to meet your income, your income will quickly run back to meet you
Worker harder on yourself than you do on your business
Learn leadership skills
Become a student of personal development.
Monday, October 4th, 2004
8:46 pm
Important things to keep in mind

"If you stick and stay, you'll make it pay."

Life rewards purpose, so have a goal. If you have a why, then the how takes care of itself.

Write your purpose and goals down. Use numbers, and be precise. If you want a promotion, set a date to have it by. Or set membership goals. Generally use 90-120 day cycles, or by Oklahoma City. Work with anyone on your team to do the same. Be clear about the price you have to pay, and handle it.

Remember to work towards your goals long after the spirit in which you made them has faded.

Have a vision and a purpose, a roadmap of where you want to go. John C. Maxwell said, "The journey is more fun when you know where you're going."

If anyone on Kerry Reid's team is interested there is a call for those who want to go ED by OKC. If you're interested in getting on that call, let me know, or let him know. There are some true goals for you.

Dr. Fletcher Brothers spoke about how to thank Mr. Stonecipher for creating this wonderful company, we should push to go over half a billion for Christmas. He suggested remembering the following series of numbers: 555-1212

-In 5 months, move up one level
-5 personal memberships a month
-5 recruits a month until the end of the year
-1 training that you haven't taken yet (Hopefully you've taken Fast Start, so try CDLP/Group/Smallbiz)
-2 exposures a day (that's in the ten core committments so you should be doing that anyways)
-1 long-distance package a week (ditto on the above)
-2 meetings a week (Weekly Briefing and a PBR)

If you are willing to do this, send a letter to Mr. Stonecipher with your name and associate number that says "I will." Any associates who do this will receive something special, but I think it's worth doing both for our own businesses and for the company.

That's all for that entry. Next entry: Mike Simms and the 10 Master Keys (He talked about them on the Savula call last night as well as at the breakout session in Vegas)
Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
12:43 pm
If you haven't received Joe Bentson's email with notes from the convention, leave a comment and I'll get them to you. But I will be doing a series of entries based on the convention if you are interested in reading.

I don’t think it’s possible that a company exists that loves their CEO any more than we love ours, Harland C. Stonecipher. All it takes are pictures of him to ignite our hearts and inspire us to jump to our feet, cheering and clapping our hands. He has a vision that has spread to us, setting us on fire with the same burning desire to change the world that he has had for over thirty years. To be in a crowd of ten thousand people with the same vision was an absolutely incredible experience. Everywhere you turned in Las Vegas this weekend, you saw the Lady of Justice in some form, whether on pins, bags, shirts or hats. She even appeared on earlobes in the form of earrings. And every single person had the passion for justice that she represents.

Thursday night kicked off the events, with each team having their own reception. We are on Dave Savula’s team and we passed the time up in the northern penthouse of the Riviera Hotel. There was a DJ, and plenty of dancing. Who would have ever expected to see the top income earner in the company dancing away carefree to “Jailhouse Rock.” It was an interesting situation for me, to hear the music that I am used to dancing to, but to be in a semi-professional situation and therefore not be able to dance the way that I usually would. One does not enhance one’s sensuality when you can see your Regional Vice President. I left early because I was getting over a cold and wanted to be up early the next morning without getting sick again.

Friday, things began in earnest with 6 hours of training and speakers beginning at ten in the morning. It was an absolutely incredible day. A full day of training, notes from which I will post in another entry, and then a dinner break. At 7, things started up again, with the talent show and recognition. It was wonderful to see Louise walk across stage as a Bronze. That lasted until after ten, but there were wonderful guest speakers including Mike Turpin, one of the Providers, and Catherine Crier, a newsanchor from CNN. Google her, she's a fascinating woman.

We all need to start making goals and working towards them. I'm going to be posting more about goals in the next entry.
Sunday, September 5th, 2004
11:05 pm
New Associate
Got on the conference call tonight. I called in right after Louise, so Kerry, Louise and I had a nice little conversation while we were waiting for everybody else to call in. Louise also had some good news for me! Karen (one of the women at Carole's first PBR) signed up as an associate, which means I'm going to get an extra $25 in my account when her paperwork goes through, and I almost have a senior associate under me! Which means I can get to Manager quickly now.

The new promotion they have going (three Fast Start Qualified associates under you gets you to Manager) isn't really significant for me. As a Senior Associate I need three Senior Associates under me to get ahead anyway, so I'm not too motivated. I understand that it can definately help me get to Manager faster, though, because Carole, Mara, and Karen are probably going to try taking advantage of it. In fact, if all three of them do that, I will automatically be promoted to Director! And that would be so awesome because that will notonly help me make more money, but I will also be helping Stephanie and Derek get higher up! I'm so excited! WOOT!

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, August 29th, 2004
2:28 am
So my floormate, Kelly, i interested in PrePaid. She bought a new computer and the delivery company lost it and the comp company is being evil. They just want to wait and see if it shows up instead of just giving her a second computer and returning the first one when it's found. And her mother's been arguing with doctors because her back is in constant pain and her arms go numb and her doctors are not doing anything about it. So she's very interested in getting a membership. I gave her the general information, my website, and then some success stories (Teresa and Curves, Carole and Chiken Out, Mara and medical, and that man at the one meeting who saved $300+ thousand dollars with the contract review (I really wish i could remember his name). She's going to tell her parents about it and they're going to get back to me. I'm also going to follow up, probably monday.

So I'm excited because I may get another membership, and if if it works for them, they may refer it to some friends of theirs.

Kelly said it sounded almost too good to be true, but I just told her "that's because it's so simple. People aren't used to businesses being simple, because if they were anybody could graduate from highschool and make millions in business." So I'm excited about the whole situation.

i'm also telling my other floormate, Bliss, about it as a business opportunity. She may be interested.

Current Mood: excited
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